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C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - BillHoo - 12-22-2017

Does anyone know if they have flooded the waterfowl impoundment area on Phelps this year?

RE: C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - JamesM - 12-22-2017

Last time I was down that way they hadn’t so I’d hazard a guess and say it isn’t still.

RE: C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - BillHoo - 12-17-2018

How about this year?

It's been mighty rainy.  You'd think it would fill up on it's own.

I might scout out there after Christmas.

RE: C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - JamesM - 12-17-2018

I dont know if it has a water control structure and if it does what state of repair it is in.

C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - Thummy - 12-17-2018

Last I heard they had pumps down there to fill the impoundments. The thing is trying to get DGIF to actually do anything.

I have never tried hunting down there. Thought about it but had a buddy that hunted it years ago and said it was terrible.

Probably should try one of these days.

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RE: C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - BillHoo - 12-17-2018

Isn't there a "Friends of C.F. Phelps" group out there? Maybe their volunteers can get the pumps running to make it a waterfowl paradise?

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RE: C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - BillHoo - 12-17-2018

Just did a search. Someone posted last week on the Friends of CF Phelps Facebook site that there is water in the impoundment!

Yay! I'll have to check it out this season.

RE: C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - JamesM - 12-18-2018

Yeah, you can fill it and I even looked at it one day during some wanderings. It looked ducky and even had about 3 inches of water but it misses the one element of the equation....ducks. you can plant all the food and have a beautiful impoundment but if there are no ducks around they will not magically find the place. They may have a beautiful impoundment, which I am dubious of, but I can guarantee the most that will be in it is less than a dozen wood ducks.

I say I am dubious of their beautiful impoundment for two reasons. First, because I haven't seen one impoundment on the east coast that is built right and I have seen some of the really high producing impoundments in NC. Who puts 5 foot deep ditches in the middle of an impoundment and who floods them more than shin deep?  People that don't know how to manage ducks. Second, did they plant anything?  Did they keep the soil moist so as to encourage the growth of SAV?  The answer is no to both questions. It may have some wild grasses with seed heads but most of it will be worthless duck food. This state 100% mismanages their waterfowl habitat and that includes the permit areas that should be managed better since people pay for a spot in the lottery. It is not exclusive to this state though, read about Cheyenne BottomsR in Kansas or the trouble with the green tree reservoirs in Arkansas and you will see that it is across the country. 

Rant about the disgraceful state of public waterfowl management over. I apologize for going off the rails and mean no disrespect, BillHoo.

C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - Thummy - 12-18-2018

That is the problem James. I have heard Delta Waterfowl went down there and did a bunch of work several years ago. Now that could have been complete BS from one guy associated with it.

Seems that DGIF doesn’t have a good track record of following up.

The river isn’t far. If they managed it right ducks would find it and use it.

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RE: C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment - JamesM - 12-18-2018

Ducks would find it if Virginia and the East Coast as a hole, wasn't a duck desert. Everywhere this year is a duck desert, even out here in Arkansas. There are still some ducks in Southern Alberta, which is crazy. I have only seen that once in all the years that I can remember.

The duck club up the road from where I hunt out here has barely killed any ducks. It's not for a lack of habitat either. The first day I was here I counted six ducks and they were flying so high I'm pretty sure they were on oxygen. There are noticeably less geese this year as well. The birds aren't here and they haven't been on the East Coast for 15 years. I really don't blame the Atlantic states for not investing in waterfowl management, even though it ruffles my feathers a bit. They're not here so why invest in trying to feed something that isn't there to shoot anyways. Sure, you can scratch out some wood ducks and some geese if you have a field but 3 wood ducks in 15 minutes hardly seems worth the effort for me anymore.

We need 30/3 again for a decade or more...even 45/4 would be a good start, ban spinners and rewrite the baiting laws. Even that wouldn't be enough on a warm year like this year. This year is rough, the hunting sucks everywhere but the duck deserts are hit harder and pumping water into an impoundment, even filled with flooded crops, will not produce good hunting.

I'm ranting again LOL.