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C.F. Phelps Waterfowl Impoundment
I understand your frustration James especially talking to guys that were doing this 20 years ago and hearing the stories but a few oasis of big ducks are still out there here in central VA. 2nd and so far 3rd split I've seen 50+ mallards/blacks in the swamp and very close (not high fliers) 3 of the 4 times I've been out. Getting them to decoy into shooting range has been my issue. So much water this year it is ridiculous. You are either on the x or not and getting close to the x has been a PITA and dangerous due to water depth. So far I've been 100 or so yards off it each time. Dang birds can't make up there mind where in the swamp they want to sit. Debating a no deke am tomorrow since my dekes haven't seemed to help any yet this year.
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I honestly couldn't care less about duck hunting in VA.  I don't hunt there much and when I do I expect to shoot maybe one or two wood ducks but generally keep my expectations very low....if I could go with a deficit of expectations I would.  What irks me is that some people think just because you build a levy and put water in it, ducks will magically appear.  That is just not the way it works, my friends.  The most that impoundment will ever hold is about a dozen wood ducks and they will probably roost in it so the first time it gets shot they will be gone and not come back.  It is honestly better if it never gets flooded, at least the song birds, deer and turkey have some good wild grasses and lots of insects to nibble upon.  Bluefish,  I find it beyond difficult to get excited about 50 mallards.  100 groups of 50 mallards and now we have something to talk about.  Also, I'm much more of a goose hunter than I am a duck hunter. They're a lot more fun to shoot and decoy, in my opinion anyways. If you want to see a lot of birds on the east coast then you need to go to New York around the Finger Lakes.  Hands down the best hunting anywhere in the Atlantic states. 

Also, this thread has over 600 views. That's not 600 people coming to read a thought provoking (did I just give myself too much credit?) Conversation, that's probably 500 people that are lurking and cyber scouting. I'm sure members are legitimately reading it so that's why I went with 500, it may be lower though it was just a guess on my part. These are the same losers that will set up 50 yards down wind and call at every crow that comes by. They will also not be educated enough to realize that this impoundment will probably be a roost and they will shoot the birds off at first light. They are all the same ones that have flat tires at the public boat ramps in Arkansas and Missouri or even worse spout off to some local boy and walk away with a black eye and a bruised ego. Some of my least favorite people.

I'm not saying the impoundment was a secret but how many people do you think actually went and looked at it. You cant drive up to it so you are forced to not be lazy, which removes about 90% of people from the equation. Now, there will be guys that go to hunt it because they saw on the internet that it was flooded and by gosh, if an impoundment is flooded it must have ducks.

I am more lamenting the sorry state of fowling across the country. It is a rough year and will not get any better. Next year will probably be colder and drier and more birds will move down but right now it's mostly famine south of central Missouri.

Oh, BTW bluefish, get rid of the spinner if you're using one. They don't work anymore! They will flare more birds and keep them out of gun range. Go old school with a jerk rig or two. If you need an extra jerk rig operator, let me know, I can jerk with the best of them....jerk a jerk rig that is LOL.
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