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Wood Duck Strategy
So every year I usually start to second guess what my hunt strategy will be opening day. If I had my pick of spots I'd be pass shooting a funnel that is a known opening day spot. No dekes, no calling, 3" #3 and a mod choke. Easy 25 to 35 yd shots with plenty of time to set your lead. Done by 7:15. My guess though is this year I'll end up in a lesser spot which is more of a destination than a flyby location. If that is the case I am thinking 3 or 4 wood dekes in the current, a single call or maybe two when I hear something in the distance, and 3" #4 IC choke. Most of the shots here being inside 20 yds but fast as heck and probably stick around til 8:15/8:30 if need be and then jump shoot my walk out.

What do you guys do on your wood duck specific hunts?
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I am going with hoping the one gate is open so it cuts my walk a lot. Then still a good mile to a hole I know of. Putting a couple decoys out. Got a second quiver butt decoy for motion.

Your plans sound solid

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Where I'm going doubt I'll use deke. 2 at most. I'll be in a beaver pond and by time I see them they will be about 20yds
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