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I do this every year.  I wait till just the end of the season before going out.

By then, most of the rabbits have been hunted out by all the guys with big packs of dogs.

I guess I just like taking long hikes through the brush alone when the temps hit a cold snap in the 20s.  And I've never seen a rabbit in the wild, here in Virginia.  Last year, I found a possum laying in the grass.
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good luck. it's hard to hit them on the jump. i wouldn't be successful as i've had it ingrained into me since birth never to shoot a rabbit on the jump or the dog owners would shoot me.
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Was a good day for it yesterday Cold and sunny.

Too bad I was stuck in meetings.
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We had a good hunt at my farm this year lots of chases and 12 bunnies for the pot.
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