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My first bobcat !
(02-20-2019, 11:00 AM)Thummy Wrote: Build a catch pole. They are easy to make and you can make it a comfortable length for you.  I have a couple posts in the trapping section with how I built my catch pole.

Really wish I had some places close enough to run a trap line or at least put out a couple traps.

So much fun putting in a set and then waiting to see if you got it right.

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I may have to build one. I can't keep anything but yotes and skunks after end of month.

I am in trapping heaven here. I can walk out the back door and be in the RTV and drive all the areas I want to trap. I'm old enough now I don't even need a license anymore. Which is both good and bad ! LOL Actually I'm in good shape. I'm not on any meds and can walk fine so I'm blessed and taking advantage of it.  I can't do any real work here until March or so and the weather breaks. The xmas season is over Dec 25th so I have no obligations. My boss hasn't called me since Dec 20th or so ! Got to love that ! 

Still looking for a yote to make a mistake. I am going to try the caller tonight. There were no tracks in the snow from much of anything  this AM so they should be hungry and hopefully stupid tonight.
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It is mating season so that should help.

Once you get a catch pole you can pin down an animal and put a pellet in the ear hole. No extra holes in them.

I used steel cable for mine. Cut the PVC to the length I wanted. Then about an inch up from the bottom I drilled a hole through one side just big enough for the cable. I fed the cable through the hole and out the bottom then used those crimps you smash with a hammer on the end. Pulled it back up into the PVC. I then put one on the outside of the hole also.

Then I ran the free end down around the end and up through the pipe. Get a cloths line tensioner for the end. Feed the line through the tensioner and then use a strong glue or apoxy to hold it in. The last thing I did was put a lawn mower pull handle on the end of my cable.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Very well done! I love bobcats. I have one mounted myself. I've been trying like heck to get one on camera this year but no luck.
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Very nice Bobcat. Congrats.
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