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Beaver at Lake Cook!
Was packing up on the bridge by the dam after fishing Saturday night.  Saw something swimming on the far side.  Long and rectangularish in shape with a rough. flat top surface.  At first I thought it was an alligator!

As I walked over to it, I quickly submerged.

Re-Appeared 40 feet to my left and swam almostt snake-like with a side to side wriggling motion.  Then I thought SNAKEHEAD!  But it was so fat?

As I got close, I saw it had a flat oval tail.  Beaver?  It paced the length of the dam for a while then found a spot on the left corner where it climed out and disappeared over the edge.

Yup!  Beaver!  In Alexandria!
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Wow. Found him or herself a spot out of the way.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Lonely animal searching for food or a mate.

Was there today and a local says he had seen it in broad daylight on occasion.

btw I caught a nice 12 inch rainbow trout this morning before work.

I've been skunked over at Thompson all week.  Went there Wednesday night after they stocked - 21 Deg F.  Some guys got a few but everyone mostly came empty handed.
Saturday went with my nephew and also got nothing.  A few people got maybe two.
Went there yesterday night and a guy left with one (got it with white powerbait egg) and said he got skunked on sunday and so did most people he saw.  I thought Sunday woulda been good - it was so warm.

My theory on Thompson
- Lake had not been stocked for two months
- Wednesday, I found lots of 2 inch minnow dead along the shore
- I think the fish are holed up in the deep spots of the lake and had gorged themselves on fat minnows.  Some had tried to escape by going to shallow water and froze to death.
- The trout will have no interest in the Powerbait or lures people are slinging out there.

When I went to Thompson yesterday, I fished near a small stream feeding into the lake.  about 6 feet from the shore, I saw about 6 fish carcasses on the bottom.  Looked like bellies had been ripped out.  Also a dead crappie on the shoreline about bigger than my palm.
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