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1st Gobbler of 2019
Seen plenty of double beards, but never a double fan! (which is what this looks like.) Way to break the ice Squid!
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As promised, I updated the numbers.
23.2 lbs without the tail.
10.5" beard
1.25" spurs.

FYI, I had to remove the tail to fit him in the cooler.

Every California Turkey I've harvested have these funky spurs. I've never seen this in any other state. [Image: b14cdbe7bb732ed0645d5596eb9bfa3d.jpg]

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[Image: 1f3c66a083c0ea14116a6d585385c5aa.jpg]
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Congrats, there are some funky spurs!
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(03-13-2019, 02:01 PM)tomcbigbucks Wrote: Congrats, there are some funky spurs!
Thank you. This is definitely my biggest California bird by a long shot.
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I received some questions about the calls I use. Primary for this bird was Warbird Turkey Calls Hellrazor. I also use Boneyard Ridge, #49 and the Warbird striker.

My hen decoys are Carry Lite decoys.
[Image: 4524101f8b6a294b0d0e6799d65a25a4.jpg][Image: d614b314c42bee89ab85b814ae6b68b7.jpg]

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