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Hunting raccoons on Sunday with dogs
How far of a ride?

I read of a Post Control guy who experimented with Squirrels from his own yard.

He color coded the squirrels by spraypainting their tails various colors for the distance he was going to release them.

Something like 
GREEN - 5 miles
BLUE - 10 miles
PURPLE - 15 miles
ORANGE - 20 miles

After a week, he saw the blue and green tailed squirrels back again.

After two weeks he saw a few Purple tailed squirrels.

After a month he saw only ONE of the ORANGE tailed squirrels drag itself home.  It looked like it had fought it's way back as it passed thru other squirrel's territories and had to deal with dogs and cats and such along the way. It looked a mess, patches of fur missing a nip on it's ear, ragged tail. etc.

He later tried the experiment again driving the rodent 30 miles away.  

Never saw them again.

He was what I would consider, a MAD scientist of sorts.
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