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ATN 4-16 4K Bino
Got the new smart bino from ATN with rangefinder and night vision and it will BlueTooth connect to their scopes for range and ballistic calculator. It also had the ability to take still photos and video. The IR light is built in. It's not adjustable in point of impact or focus or size of the light spread.  It's adjustable in intensity only. About 40% of the beam at 100 yards off the screen.  You end of seeing a half moon of illuminated area in your screen and the rest of the viewing area , or about 60% of the square screen you see in the viewfinder, was black. The camera stills at night were also black for some reason.. The video was fine. And I had a dead pixel in the display. The off/on button is right on top of the device. It takes literally a half ounce of pressure to turn on the device. So the end result was it comes on if you bump it or move it. I laid it down in the case in a vehicle. Drove a little and took it in the house. It was on when I opened up the case. No way you could put this thing in a pack and go thru woods without it coming on and draining battery.

I got it from sportsman Guide and they at first refused to take a DOA item back. They said it had to go thru ATN. ATN takes a month to return items. And neither ATN or SG had another one to even do a swap out. So after some bitching and threats of cancelling the CC payment I got a RMA.

So sort of a double review. Watch where you buy ATN stuff from and I would wait on this item until they get the bugs worked out in it.  Sportsman guide has a no questions asked return policy on most items but ATN is on the you're stuck with it list.
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that stinks that they both made you go through hoops to get it done.
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I hear way more complaints about ATN products than I hear good reviews. People waiting very long periods of time for fixes, I have heard stories of people sending emails and calling ATN for months trying to even get an answer.

Thermal and Nightvision aren't cheap. If you are going that route, spend a little more and get them from a reputable personal dealer, not a big box place like Sportsman Guide. I have a Pulsar thermal scope and a thermal scanner made by Pulsar even though it doesn't say Pulsar on it. I got them through a guy in TX that owns a shop. He has a relationship with the guys at Pulsar (they are in TX, unlike ATN in Commiefornia).

Good luck getting that all taken care of. If you get your money back and want to look at other products let me know and I will point you to the person I deal with on thermals. He also sells night vision. Several people I know also buy through this same guy.
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