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Rapidan WMA
Looking to hunt bear this year? Anybody willing to give data on the best tract for bear and what areas to look for a bear in Rapidan.

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I'm new to the area but live 10 mins from it. There is a far amount of land and not all of it has great access.
I'm looking into it as well but I do know and have heard that they run dogs for bear on it hard.
Seems like 1 out of every 10 houses have a truck all set up for bear hunting
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There was an old thread on this site about bear hunting on the rapidan... I only hunted the tracts one time and saw deer but no bear.. The roads are extremely rough on all the tracts...But it is bear country you have to find the mast to find the bears...
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All the bear dawg counties are run hard. I had them tree one 100yds behind the house one night this year on the chase season - even though it was well past the 10:00 pm time limit on chasing. But they are hound hunters and why expect anything less?
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