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September Teal
You or the taxidermist freeze the bird asap (lookup online how to do so). If you bring the bird to the taxidermist fresh he will package and freeze it. He then (usually 6 months to a year later thaws it, skins it, tosses the body but wings are kept in skinning process. Main body mounts it to a new foam body. Bill and eyes are fake. Feet are usually real but can be fake.
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Here is my best tip I can give on teal hunting . Go to Bass Pro 1source and punch in How to use Structure for Dove hunting . Once you have found that and have read it , reread it but replace the word dove with the word TEAL and replace the word field with the word MARSH and you will flat out love Teal Hunting .
On the discussion of stuffing a bird , I have 16 here in the house and the foam body and eyes are the only thing that is fake . A friend did them for me using Borax soap , a straw to suck the brains out , a coat hanger , paint and some time . They are 25 years old or more and I have one of everything I have killed from teal to Swan .

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