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Tree rat hunt, opening day, 9/7/19
I took my 11 year old son out for his first squirrel hunt in Nelson Co. he's not into hunting like my daughter is so I tread lightly and didn't push him in it too hard. we did some target shooting with a .22lr and then walked the woods looking for some squirrels. we didn't have any luck today, but had a great time connecting with some father/son time. next up, a dove hunt with my daughter. today, i was looking for deer signs and didn't any see any fresh rubs yet. i checked the trailcams and only have does and small bucks still in velvet on them. also saw a black bear, bobcat, lots of opossums, and a coyote on the cams. things were very dry in the woods, but that helped keep the mosquitoes at bay.
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that's great Carcass, I hope that he got to at least have fun shooting before the walk through the woods. We have a bumper crop out here in south of Hull Street
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Sounds like a good day in the woods. See you guys Thursday!
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I usually wait for a good, hard frost before I go out for squirrel.

Fewer mosquitos and I hear fewer worms by then.
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