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VSF and NF land?
Printing out some State Forest maps today. Might take a walk in or near Bear Creek State Park in the coming days.
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Would love to hear of any experiences hunting Cumberland State Forest
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(04-29-2020, 12:08 PM)The Truth Wrote: Would love to hear of any experiences hunting Cumberland State Forest

ONE OF THE old forum members used to coon hunt CSF I'm sure one of the longer term members here might know how to get in touch with him, think it was CHuck Lafoon IIRC
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I did some driving around in the forest yesterday. The land is beautiful and looks very promising for deer season. I wonder how much hunting pressure it gets. I'll probably do some fishing too.

Some of the regulations are contrary to what my understanding was, including the gun prohibition except for hunting purposes.

So I can't carry a revolver on my hip to protect myself and my 7 year old while we are hiking or fishing? Do they seriously enforce this? There was literally 3 people on the entire 16000 acres yesterday, you telling me the Ranger is gonna kick someone out or ask them to remove their firearm while they're fishing?
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From what I have heard, csf gets hunted pretty hard come general firearm season... but I am sure like most other places, if you go deep, you avoid the crowds.
Been a while since I reviewed the rules but I recall thinking about loopholes...such as "i am hunting coyotes with this pistol, just taking a fishing break"... or swap in crows or groundhogs or some other open season critter. There may be a concealed weapons exclusion from prohibition as well but I may be wrong on that.

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