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New Year... not so happy

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It will happen- look at Colorado. Formerly a very Red state; but after a large influx of displaced liberals seeking refuge from high tax states like California, they successfully changed their laws to restrict otherwise legal firearms and accessories to be banned overnight.

Don’t sleep on folks who preach common sense gun control- what they want is absolute gun control.
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They're planning on doing it. I hope people shut the state down.
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Liberals love to leave the turd bowls they create and then turn the new place into the same type of turd bowl.

TX is dealing with the influx of people that are leaving Commiefornia too.

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I have a idea that I think may help everyone out. Since the state's political affiliation is determined by a small number of areas due to the number of people crammed in those areas and not a true representation of the rest of the state. We should have a type of electoral college for the the state when it comes to voting. Each county and city would get two electoral votes that way the state would actually be represented properly. This would be the way we vote for the Governor and Senate Seats.  Or we could just take a portion of northern Virginia and donate them to D.C. I will be fine with giving the tax money they collect in those areas to the D.C. to be able to get our State back to some decency.
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