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Early spring?
As i sit here sneezing and looking at my already blooming daffodils out the window, i began to wonder if the trees and plants are starting to bloom early due to the unseasonably warm weather we're experiencing. Although i'm still holding out hope that we'll get a good deep snow or two, i wonder if the turkeys will breed earlier this year due to the warm weather. if so, will that help the spring gobbler season to be more successful in the beginning of the season? by the time the season begins, if the birds started early, will they be more responsive to my calls earlier in the season? i guess time will tell. i'm sure getting excited for the season to arrive.
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In my experience the hunting is not as good if it warms up early and they gobble every day and breed a month before season.. .. I do better the years that it stays cold until the first week in April.. but that is just me..
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Cherry blossoms already covering 3/4s of the trees at work...
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Early spring RUINS turkey season!

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